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Leslie Speakers have been a long passion of mine. There is nothing that compares to the 3 dimensional projection of sound of a Leslie Speaker. In slow mode a chorus type sound - in fast a Vibrato sound.

The concept here is to have a stand alone Leslie speaker that can be hooked to any speaker jack of a guitar amplifer for organ, synthesizer or guitar usage. Organ Leslies have one special cable to provides power, facilitates motion control and feed the audio signal. My Leslie speakers take a standard power cable and have a 1/4" jack for a motion control pedal and a 1/4" speaker input. Very easy to hook-up and to operate.

I can provide single speed Leslies, 2 speed Leslies and am currently working on the development of continuos freely adjustible speed control cinruitry.

The Leslie shown here is based on a vintage original Electromusic Leslie Assembly with a vintage Jensen Speakers. It features a 2 speed motor and can be directly hooked to a small guitar amplifer.

Leslies Currently for Sale