Marc RisingStar's Handcrafted Audio Electronics

18/19: Vibra-Tremolo

I spent quite some time in my circuit lab and am now offering now this handcrafted Virbrato / Tremolo Pedal - Individually hand crafted from scratch to your needs! This unit is aimed to be your one favorite high quality Tremolo / Vibrato pedal, that you will carry with you througgh the decades! This unit offers very broad adjustemnt ranges for numerous effects and tones not achieved by other units. I build these units with top quality materials and carefully selected precision components based on my own designs and custom tweaks to Hi-End audio standards.

Features: • • Footswitch to select between tremolo and vibrato modes Designs based on the Technology used in vintag amplifiers Wide adjustment range of the Speed and Depth controls: Speed reaches much slower rates than on conventional tremolo/vibrato effects. Depth control much deeper than on conventional tremolo/vibrato effects: It is your tremolo / Vibrato Tool Box! Designed and crafted the way how vintage quality pedals were made 35 years ago! (all designs by hand - no computer designs!) - with the implementation of my own technological advances based on decades of experience Rugged and easy to use! Alluminum heavey duty case with wood pannels Hadmade in the USA

This unit sounds great! A great addition to any Guitar, E-Piano, Synth, Harp, Studio Usage or for the Vintage Analog Synth Studio.

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