Marc Rising Star’s Light Sculpture Catalog
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All light sculpture conceived, designed, invented and handcrafted form scratch with mostly recycled materials.

My light sculptures are about exploring the universal essesnce of light - light as an energy in contrast to darkness.

Each sculpture is unique and exists in it’s incarnation only once. Most of all electronic light sculptures are hand wired point to point - similar to how electronics were fabricated in the 1940’s, which requires tremndous amounts of labor. Most of the even simpler sculptures took at least 2 full work days to create. It is very involved to create anything form scratch, as one needs to invent how it will work and how to put it together for every element separately. A lot of Pioneer work had to be forged, as it often is a long path of trial and error, until an idea turns out how it was imagined.

I also custom design and hand craft light sculptures for your specific needs - including large scale for installation in public buildings. Contact me for a consultation. Inventing and custom hand crafting electronic light sculpture since 1983.

All light sculptures I consider a produced for “green” awareness
• Extremely low power consumption, high energy efficiency
• Made mostly from quality recycled materials
• Run on batteries for hours and hours and thus serve as “emergency” light as well ( I encourage the use of rechargeable batteries, if not running on AC power)
• Each sculpture if fitted with a receptical for an AC adapter, so that no batteries are needed for continuous indoor use
• Fully portable and power independant - Can be used outdoors or anywhere.
• I can upgrade each scupture to a “rechargeable” version, meaning: can be operated on
rechargeable batteries and recharged by the AC adapter (inquire).

It shall be conveyed here that neither description, nor photos make due justice to the real experience of the real sculture. Photos and words loose a lot of the details and convey only part of the awesome exprience - thus: the goal of this catalog can only be: to inspire to come expereince the real items shown here!

Notice: I reserve all rights to the technologies implemented in these light sculptures. Any sale is for the physical object only, and does not include any of the rights to technolgy or to copy. Inquire for licensing, if that is needed.
I service what I sell - Contact me for repairs, modifications or custom desnigns.

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ColorVision Cozmic
Paint With Light
Your Color Scheme
Your Favorite Color
Green Sacret Color Bath
Tri-Color Motion
Rainbow Lamp Circle
Rainbow Lamp Strip
Rainbow Mushroom Lamp
Rainbow Color Wheel
Purple Flow Circle
Purple Lamp One
Purple Beamer
Magic Candle
Heart Sculptures: Rainbow or Purple
Color Star
Marc Rising Star’s Light Sculpture Catalog


Marc Rising Star’s Early Light Sculpture Work before 2000