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Light Sculpture
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"Choose a perspective that allows to perceive many expressions of life simultaneously as one. When your consciousness is adjusted to this perspective, this will bring insight into a bigger picture of energy and show tendencies as to what is and where creation is headed." (Rising Star)

Cosmic Cycle + Energy Field. This electronic light sculpture consists of 10 independent "lights". Each light fades up green light, then fades down, then fades up red light, the fades down. It repeats this cycle continuously independent from the other 9 lights. By looking at the sculpture the viewer has chosen a perspective that allows to observe all 10 cycles at the same time. As there are slight differences in each " light" synchronicity fades away fast. Observation of the sculpture as one shows the energetic flow of colored light which is equal to the bigger picture of this energetic expression of this sculpture as a whole. It is like waves of energy flowing over the surface of the sculpture. The visual result reminds somewhat to fine water waves moving across the surface of e.g. a lake. A delightful refreshing experience whose perception is enhanced when used with background music of your preference.

Includes authentication certificate and serial number, power supply. Current serial number: #2. Dimensions: aprox: 10 3/4" x 9 1/2" x 1 1/4"

Crafted to order. Allow 5 weeks manufacturing and delivery time.

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LIGHT SCULPTURE - Custom Engineered and Crafted to Your Needs




Residential + Commercial: PLEASE INQUIRE!

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Marc Rising Star’s Recent and Cureent Light Sculpture Work

These light sculptures are the perfect addition for homes and public locations, e.g. cafes, restaurants, movie theaters, museums, stores, or shopping malls.

Create the ultimate magical environment at your location.

>>> Please Contact us for your custom designs.

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