The Relaxation Experience generated through electronic Lightsculpture:

Objective: to create various atmospheres of relaxation, inspiration, calmness, serenity, beauty, magic, playfulness, wonder, distraction from disease - fun and playful for kids - suggesting playfulness joy and ease for every one; connecting to breath, change and flow, natural well being; open, warm and welcome touch and feel; rich and exciting colorful light experiences for well inner being,

Main Theme: Serenity - Color and smooth continuos flow

clinical is white and motionless - nature is alive

Energies to be generated by Light Sculptures:

-Natural Energy patterns possibly represented by lightsculptures:

Rain, Waves, Wind, Storm, Flow of Water, Ocean Surf, Motion of Clouds, Night sky; Sky at dawning/sunset, Motion (migrating birds or clouds)

-Other energies generated by lightsculptures:

• Random/creative changes that happen smoothly and continuously inspiring with the unexpected randomness and explosion in celestial colors;
• Color Flows through in the two and three dimensional space
• Motion and flow of color and light energy

Relaxation Energies / Environments: Colorful Light that changes dimensional and fluently: smoothly continuously changing, natural patterns, continuos flow of energy, natural randomness, liveliness, smooth motion, energies for healing: excitement through contrast and changes in the dimension of time;

To address: Daytime energies - night time energies;

Light Sculpture Types:

• Sculptures (free standing - possibly providing controls to customize the experience)
• Personal Sculptures: a small light sculpture besides the patient’s bed. (creatively user customizable)
• Light Objects (Wall panels, Pieces of Light Art)
• Backgrounds (Background lighting that changes, including ceiling enhancement e.g. Indoor Starsky and Illumination of building objects such as trimmings, light switches, interior signage)
• Environments (Areas of experience to walk into, or backgrounds to support a specific feel)
• Hands-on Interactive Toys and Games (permanently installed in form of: sculpture, booth or play kiosk)

Specific Light Sculpture Models: (more detail to be elaborated)

-Sculptures: • The Fire Ball - The big light ball - a 3 D ball lighting up with motions of full color spectrum light, continuously changing Cozmovision II: a field of view that continuously modulates and changes color • Multi Cozmo Vision - a field of light that completely randomly changes colors flowingly and smoothly to random colors, • Color Motion Cycle - color in circular motion that mixes in beautiful ways, • Color Cozmic Chanel: random color imagery changing and renewing itself continuously

-Objects: • Wavescape I + II - multidimensional waves flowing and moving through this object -repetitive mixing OR ocean surf like • Drip Plate - random rain drop like disturbances create energy waves like ripples on a water like surface (LED lightsculpture)

-Backgrounds / Environments: • Sky: A city silouhette with a colored sky that changes and indicates the time of day • Indoor starsky - expands dimensions upward suggesting the spaciousness of a night sky (possible can be made subtly pulsate, breath or modulate); • Aurora Borealis: A representation of this natural occurrence represented through LED lights in the ceiling space

-Hands-on Interactives: Aurameter (a bio - feedback device to generate Colors), Wavemaker (experiment with the Mixing of different waves), Color Mixer (use the 3 basic colors to create interesting color mixes)